13 Tips For Better Time Management [Infographic]

13 Tips-For-Better-Time-Management

Become more productive by implementing these 13 tips for better time management.

1  Organize your workspace

Keep your desk neat and organized so you don’t waste time finding things.  Also, declutter and get rid of anything that doesn’t add to your productivity.

2  Have a daily plan/To Do List

Take 15 minutes every night to plan out your activities for the next day.  In the morning when you get to your desk, prioritize your to do list.  This way if there’s anything urgent waiting for you it can be added to your list.

3  Set clear goals

Have clearly defined goals that are realistic and achievable.  Start with the end in mind so that your activities support these goals.

4  Prioritize your tasks

List your tasks in order of importance.  Those that are urgent, high priority, medium priority and low priority.  (see #2)

5  Block out all distractions

Turn off or don’t look at your text and social media posts.  They can quickly take your attention away from work that needs to get done.  Anything that interrupts the task you’re working on is a time waster.

6  Schedule time for each activity

Schedule blocks of time for each activity along with a 10-15 minute break for yourself.  You’ll return to your desk refreshed and ready to work on the next thing that needs to be completed.

7  Eliminate all time wasters

Read and respond to emails at specific times in the day instead of constantly checking it.  Don’t procrastinate,  if anything needs your full attention then pick up the phone and deal with it.

8  Set a timer

Give yourself enough time to complete tasks.  If your timer goes off and you’re still not done, then set aside some time later on to finish.  Otherwise you’ll end up spending half your day only getting one thing done.

9  Handle things only once

Handle any paperwork that comes across your desk only once, then file it or pass it on to the next person.  Deal with your emails the first time you read them.  Remember to cross off all completed tasks from your to do list.

10  Keep an updated agenda/calendar

Use a calendar to manage your activities and sync it to your iPhone.  Always keep your agenda and calendar updated.

11  Delegate when possible

Delegate anything tedious or that doesn’t require a lot of your skill.  This could be any low priority task you still have to tackle.  Make sure to provide clear instructions on what must get done.

12  Focus on one thing at a time

Do one thing at a time and complete it.  Nothing’s more stressful than doing a little bit of everything and later realizing nothing got finished.  You’ll experience a feeling of accomplishment if you stick with one thing and don’t multitask.

13  Learn to say “NO”

Don’t take on more things than you can handle.  Instead, explain why you can’t help and recommend someone else who can offer assistance.

13 Tips For Better Time Management



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