10 Important Sales Skills You Need To Have

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Your ability to sell determines if you’re an average sales person or a top performer.

According to the TAS Group, 67% of sales reps don’t meet their monthly quota.  Out of the 33% achieving it, only a few exceed their quota to become top performers.

To improve your sales skills and increase revenue continue reading so you can learn what top performers have already mastered.


10 Important Sales Skills

You need to change your habits, if you want different results.

To achieve greater success, make it a habit to work on these 10 sales skills daily.

1. Positive Attitude

Some days can be extremely challenging.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed or frustrated when dealing with angry customers and internal issues.

What to do: Improve the way you engage with people.  Resolve all problems quickly without complaining.  Show others you’re up for any challenge and can handle stress well.

Benefits: A positive attitude makes it easier for others to work with you and also keeps your customers happy.  Good feedback from customers may open up the way for you to get promoted to handling larger accounts that need more time and attention.

2. Team Player

Every so often, you’ll need help from others.  It could be to expedite an order, free up credit, get vendor support, etc.

What to do: Work closely with team members and offer support when needed.  Remember to give credit to anyone who helps your customer or assists with closing a sale.

Benefits: The people on your sales team and in other departments can contribute greatly to your success and help you make your quota.

3. Ability To Negotiate

Customers do their homework and are aware of what your product costs.  They’ll insist you lower the price if you want them to purchase it from your company.

What to do: Negotiate a sale that’s profitable for you but also allows your customer to feel they got a good price.  To learn how to effectively negotiate, read books or attend a negotiating seminar.

Benefits: By creating a win-win situation, everyone is happy with the sale.

4. Good Communication

In sales it’s essential you have good communication.  You need to be able to persuade and influence others.

What to do: Since daily sales activities include writing emails and speaking on the phone, work on honing your written and verbal sales skills.  Also, practice any sales presentations before you meet with decision makers.

Benefits: You’ll come across as more polished and professional.

5. Excellent Time Management

To accomplish as much as possible each day you need to be productive and efficient with your time.  Decide what’s urgent and prioritize accordingly so you spend more time selling.

What to do: Apply the Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule to time management.  Concentrate your time on the 20% of customers that make up 80% of your business.

Benefits: You’ll accelerate results by avoiding any non-essential activities that waste time and focus instead on those that have the biggest impact on your quota.

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6. Passion For Selling

To have a long and successful career in sales you must have a passion for selling.

What to do: Always be on the hunt for new business and create opportunities to sell.  Attend industry events and be active on social media to find new customers.

Benefits: Your sales funnel will be full of opportunities waiting to be closed.

7. Project Confidence

No prospect wants to buy anything from someone who lacks confidence in themselves or their product.

What to do: Know your product, present your solution well and remain calm under pressure.  Establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Benefits: By projecting confidence you appear successful.  Prospects will also trust your recommendations and be willing to buy from you.

8. Ask The Right Questions

By asking the right questions you’ll quickly weed out those who aren’t serious buyers.

What to do: Dig deep and ask open ended questions to find out what challenges or concerns prospects have.

Benefits: You’ll learn to uncover opportunities in other departments you haven’t sold to before.

9. Self-Motivated

Every salesperson needs to be self-motivated and determined to succeed.

What to do: Stay consistent with all your activities so you can meet your objectives.  Don’t procrastinate, track your sales activity and set goals for yourself.

Benefits: Having a targeted action plan will give you the desired results much sooner than you think.

10. Relationship Building

If you want to retain your customers you need to be good at relationship building.  This doesn’t happen overnight.

What to do: Take a genuine interest in your customers.  Every time you speak with them try to build and strengthen your relationship.  Go above and beyond what’s expected of you.

Benefits: You’ll build loyal customers who only want to do business with you.  People buy from those they know, like and trust.

Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses.

Work on any area you’re weak in.  It may take a little time but you’ll soon notice an improvement in your sales skills.

Find ways to make use of your strengths so you can maximize your selling potential.

Mastering these sales skills and using them daily is what helped average salespeople become top performers.


What sales skills are you successfully using?  Is there a new skill that you want to work on?









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